Yorkshire Water SSSI Recovery Project

Yorkshire Water is funding a programme of works to improve the condition of their sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs), covering around 11,400 hectares, mostly in moorland areas. The project began in 2004 and sites are scattered along the South Pennines from Nidderdale in Yorkshire to the northwest fringe of Sheffield.

The work is taking place on over 30 sites on Yorkshire Water land, ranging from moorland habitats to moorland fringe and woodland areas.

We work closely with a range of stakeholders including:

  • farming and shooting tenants
  • commoners who have grazing rights on the land
  • rights of way teams from several different local authorities
  • Natural England, the designating body for SSSIs

The sites were designated as SSSIs because of their contribution to biodiversity. The designation carries legal protection and responsibilities. The habitats have become degraded over time by pollution, overgrazing and wild fires and we are working to restore these homes for important species of flora and fauna that depend on the blanket bog and semi-natural woodland.

So far our restoration work has taken them from an "unfavourable" to "unfavourable/recovering" condition. The aim is to return them to a "favourable" condition.

Katty White's AllotmentsHeptonstall Moor.

White MossGill Beck


More information on Yorkshire Water's website.

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