Upland Hydrology






Water is a central element in all upland ecosystem processes - it is both an essential input and a critical output. 

Its input is essential to maintain the distinctive upland ecosystems and its output contributes to river levels downstream. This has two important consequences for us.



Drinking Water

70% of our water supplies come from the uplands. Generally this water is unpolluted, but one problem for the water companies is colour in water. This happens in particular when water flows off a catchment dominated by peaty soils. Damaged peat is more easily washed into the run-off water, increasing the problem – and the cost of removal.


As the uplands are areas of high rainfall and generally rapid runoff, they contribute significantly to flood events downstream. 
If we can slow the rate at which water runs off the hills this could be of huge benefit. 
At the moment we know we can achieve this at a local level, but the impact this has downstream is still uncertain.  
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