SPM GeoNetwork

South Pennine Moors GeoNetwork : a community resource

The South Pennine Moors (SPM) GeoNetwork is an online interactive catalogue of spatial data relevant to moorlands and fringe habitats of the South Pennines (see figure 1).

As a community portal it has been designed to support those looking for spatial data and to provide the opportunity for organisations to share their data sets and signpost their work.

It provides a platform for knowledge exchange, facilitating the sharing of data and expertise between partners, partnerships and the wider community.


  • To facilitate knowledge exchange between conservation, land management and academic organisations and individuals working in the South Pennine Moors
  • To provide a way to promote and search for spatial information, centrally and easily without requiring direct data access
  • To add value to existing projects
  • To help identify knowledge gaps
  • To inform project design and monitoring on a landscape scale across the South Pennines

Where does it cover?

It currently incorporates the land in and around the South Pennine and Dark Peak Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Integrated Biodiversity Delivery Area (IBDA) and Peak District National Park.
This includes all moorlands (defined by the Moorland Line (http://magic.defra.gov.uk)) and moorland fringe habitats within the West and South Pennines (see figure 1).

The SPM GeoNetwork provides a portal to promote landscape scale nature conservation though improved communication: strengthening the impact of new and existing projects and partnerships within the South Pennines. 


Getting involved:

To upload your spatial data and maximize this resource you need to provide us with:

  • Information about your data (metadata)
  • An image file (for the thumbnail image)
  • A GIS file showing the spatial extent of your data / project area (for the interactive map)

To upload data, give feedback or find out more please email Moors@peakdistrict.gov.uk

Technical bits:

Metadata available on the SPM GeoNetwork meets EU INSPIRE standards(http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/) .

The SPM GeoNetwork is designed and maintained by the Moors for the Future

The SPM GeoNetwork is designed and maintained by the Moors for the Future Partnership.

South Pennine Moors information leaflet (2012) Moors for the Future

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