SPM GeoNetwork

SPM GeoNetwork

The South Pennine Moors GeoNetwork is a centralised portal where regional geographic data relating to uplands of the South Pennine Moors can be viewed and shared. It allows land managers and researchers to easily share geographic information between organisations, whilst maintaining ownership of data. The portal is managed by the Moors For the Future Partnership.

The main aims of the South Pennine Moors GeoNetwork are:

  • To bring together organisations working in the South Pennine Moors
  • To share information, centrally and easily, about all the datasets relevant to the South Pennine Moors and their scope
  • To facilitate the sharing of spatial data, reduce duplication, promote collaboration and add value
  • To improve research and monitoring design, and allow our organisations to benefit from the wider use of regional geographic information

The information stored on the South Pennine Moors GeoNetwork is called Metadata. This is structured information which describes the dataset. It includes an abstract, geographic extent, contact details, copywrite info and the last updated date.

The GeoNetwork does not contain, hold or share copies of datasets, without prior agreement with the dataset owners.  

The South Pennines Moors GeoNetwork is currently unavailable and under review.

Please contact Moor@peakdistrict.gov.uk for more information.  

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