MoorLIFE seminar

Seminar - Sphagnum Reintroduction in Practice

Wednesday, 11 June 2014, Manchester Metropolitan University

On 11 June, practitioners and researchers got together to discuss the reintroduction of Sphagnum to peat bogs. Focusing on what methods are currently being used and what research is in place to support Sphagnum reintroduction, the event brought together current thinking on best available techniques and where we need to go from here.


Introduction - Chris Dean, Moors for the Future - watch on YouTube

The remarkable Sphagnum plant – more holes than Blackburn Lancashire - Richard Lindsay, University of East London

History and context of Sphagnum re-introduction - Penny Anderson, Penny Anderson Associates - watch on YouTube

Sphagnum re-introduction in the South Pennines - Matt Buckler, Moors for the Future - watch on YouTube

Research Update on Sphagnum reintroduction - Angus Rosenburgh, Manchester Metropolitan University - watch on YouTube

The Future of Peatland Restoration - Ian Crosher, Natural England - watch on YouTube


Two workshops took place in the afternoon.

Conservation and Land Management
Sphagnum application at a landscape scale, best available techniques, lessons learnt and future options.

Research and monitoring
What are the knowledge gaps and when will we be able to draw conclusions from current works?


The results from the workshops are available to download in our workshop summary.

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