MoorLIFE Audio Trails

The MoorLIFE project produced a series of downloadable audio guides for use as self-guided walking tours across some of the stunning areas which have benefited from conservation works under the project. Each trail consists of a series of MP3 tracks, a route map showing the stopping points for each trail. Photos accompany each trail, and the tracks can be played on a pc or laptop, offering a virtual tour to these moorlands, their history and the work we have carried out under the MoorLIFE project.

Find out more and download one of our four trails below:

  • Rishworth - walk in the footsteps of Romans and discover our conservation efforts
  • Turley Holes - find out how water has shaped the landscape
  • Bleaklow - bringing nature back into balance after industrial pollution
  • Black Hill - how the MoorLIFE project is bringing sphagnum moss back


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