Moorland Research Fund

Our Moorland Research Fund was created to provide grants to support small research projects;

to help improve our understanding of the importance of moorlands and the impact conservation land management activities have on degraded blanket bog, including it's biodiversity, carbon fluxes, water quality and fire risk.

To date (2004 - 2012) we have provided £51,000 and funded 40 seperate projects:

  • 2004 - 2006 30 were funded by Moors for the Future (Heritage Lottery Fund)
  • 2010 7 were co-funded by Moors for the Future and Yorkshire Peat Partnership
  • 2011 1 was funded by Moors for the Future
  • 2012 2 were funded through Moors for the Future by Kirklees, Bradford and Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Councils.

Please click here to find a List of Moors for the Future Small Research Grants including project summaries


Impacts of HLS management on indicator bird species distribution and density for the South Pennine Moors Special Protection Areas. Report not yet available.

Oliver Mackrill (PhD student) & Dr Huw Lloyd

Manchester Metropolitan University


Impact of recreational pressure on the distribution, behaviour and density of moorland birds in the South Pennine Moors Special Protection Areas. Report not yet available.

Phil Dowling (PhD student) & Dr Huw Lloyd

Manchester Metropolitan University


Assessing the restoration of ecosystem services on moorland in the Peak District National Park: a network approach.

Rose Wilcox (PhD student) & Dr. Darren Evans

University of Hull



Impacts of wildfire, erosion and restoration on sediment flux and pollutant mobilisation in the peatlands of the Peak District National Park.

James Rothwell (PhD student) & Dr. Martin Evans

University of Manchester


Landscape scale fire risk assessment by mapping vegetation fuel moisture content.

Richard Armitage (MSc student) & Prof. Mark Danson

University of Salford

Adaptive Governance for Carbon Sequestration: The Case of Peatlands in the Peak District.

Joanna Tantanasi (PhD student), Dr. James Evans & Prof. Clive Agnew

University of Manchester

Effects of climate and land-use changes on dung beetle communities: predicting the consequences for insect biodiversity and function in British moorlands.

Rosa Menendez-Martinez & Ali Birkett

University of Lancaster

Impacts of moorland restoration on diversity and distribution of plant growth promoting root symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi and associated soil nitrogen cycling bacterial / archaeal communities in the Southern Pennines

Robin Sen, David Elliott, Felix Nwaishi, Graham Smith and Simon Caporn

Manchester Metropolitan University

Moorland restoration, biodiversity and carbon sequestration

Samuel L.O. Quin, Sarah Greenwood, Nick A. Littlewood, Rebekka Artz, Andrew Coupar & Sarah Woodin  (PhD student) 

University of Aberdeen

Catchment management influences on moorland stream biodiversity.

Kerry-Lyn Johnston

University of Leeds



Identifying the best strategy for mitigating moorland wildfire risk    

Jonathan Aylen

University of Manchester

Modelling spatial risk of moorland wildfire

Julia McMorrow & Sarah Lindley

University of Manchester

Helicopter fire hose belay system

Jesse Elms

Newmills College

Analysing Ethnic Minority Group Perceptions of the Peak District National Park

Thom Cooper

University of Leeds

The effect of cool fires on moorland vegetation in the Peak District

Rob Marrs, Mike Le Duc & Emma Cox

University of Liverpool

A comparison of the effectiveness of large-scale bracken control / moorland restoration schemes

Rob Marrs, Mike Le Duc & Emma Cox

University of Liverpool

Burning, birds and grouse moor management

James Daplyn & Dr. Julie Ewald

Harper Adams University & Game Conservancy Trust

Patterns of gully re-vegetation and effects on carbon sequestration in the Dark Peak

Martin Evans

University of Manchester

Consequences of lime and fertilizer application for moorland restoration and carbon balance

Dr. Simon Caporn

Manchester Metropolitan University

Fungi as bio-indicators for moorland management 

Neil Barden

Sorby Natural History Society



Mapping and encoding the spatial pattern of peat erosion.

Julia McMorrow, John Lindsay & Laura Liddaman 

University of Manchester

An Investigation of the impact of Prescribed Moorland Burning in the Derwent Catchment upon Discolouration of Surface Waters.

Helen O'Brien, Dr Jillian Labadz & Prof. David Butcher

Nottingham Trent University

Impact of heavy metal pollution on microbial communities in blanket bogs.

Laura Shotbolt, Dr. Patricia Linton & Andrew Thomas

University of York & Manchester Metropolitan University

Assessing the potential of environmental magnetism as a fire marker in moorland soils.

Dr. Simon Hutchinson & Richard Armitage

University of Salford

Suspended sediments in High Peak moorland streams: status, ecological effects and indices of sustainable erosion.

Julian R. G. Ballester (MSc student),Dr. Martin Evans & Dr. Tim Allott

University of Manchester

Carbon flux from eroding peatlands in the Peak District.

Dr. Martin Evans & Richard Pawson

University of Manchester

Health of Sphagnum flush vegetation and the conservation of populations of Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaved Sundew).

Dr. David Shimwell

University of Manchester

Recovery of ombrotrophic Sphagnum in the Peak District moorlands?

Dr. Simon Caporn & John Lee

Manchester Metropolitan University & the University of Sheffield


A comparison of the effects of bruising for bracken control. Available in hardcopy from MFF library.

Emma Cox (PhD student), Dr. Mike Le Duc & Prof. Robert Marrs

University of Liverpool


Identifying effective options to adapt the spatial distribution of recreation in the Peak District National Park using a recreation simulation model. Report unavailable.

Marjolein Pardoen & Paul Opdam  

Wageningen University & ALTERRA: Wineke Straatsma

Delivering positive messages for dog owners.

Jessica Robinson (MA student) & Dr. Evan Fraser

University of Leeds

Analysis of access to the moorlands by disadvantaged visitor groups.

Natalie Suckall & Evan Fraser

University of Leeds



Ecological and critical load evaluation of the Peak District moorland stream network.

Sarah Allan, Simon Barber, James Hall, Dr. Tim Allott & Mike Dobson

University of Manchester & Manchester Metropolitan University

A macroinvertebrate focused ecological survey of the moorland stream network in the Peak District National Park.

Sarah Allan (MSc student) &Dr.Tim Allott

University of Manchester

An assessment of inorganic nitrogen (N) concentrations in headwater streams of the Dark Peak,, southern Pennines and their relationship with eroded peat.

James R. Hall (MSc student) & Dr. Tim Allott

University of Manchester


Biomonitors of nitrogen pollution in upland heaths of the Peak District. Report available in hardcopy from MFF library.

Chris Field & Dr. Simon Caporn

Manchester Metropolitan University

Flux of heavy metal pollution from eroding south Pennine peatlands.

James Rothwell (PhD student) & Dr. Martin Evans

University of Manchester

Visitor responsibility and the environment.

Duncan Marson (PhD student) & Prof. David Crouch

University of Derby

A history of burning as a management tool in the Peak District National Park.

Ben Clutterbuck (MSc student), Dr. Graham Thomas & Adrian Yallop

Cranfield University


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