Moor Memories Podcasts

Moor Memories - Margaret Bailey


In this 50 minute interview Margeret Bailey talks about her experiences as the Peak District National Park's first female Ranger, discovering a new cloudberry species, named Warden in her honour, and finding an unexploded bomb on the moors.


Interview with gamekeeper Roger France

Grouse chick

In this one hour interview gamekeeper Roger France talks about gamekeeping since the 1960s, changes in wildlife on the moors, grouse shooting and working with horses.


Moor Memories - John Eardley and Philip Sharply Part 1

Sheep grazing moorland

In this ½ hour podcast Farmers John Eardley and Philip Sharply talk about farming in the 1940s

(Part 1 of a 1:40 podcast)


Moor Memories - John Eardley and Philip Sharply Part 2

Sheep grazing on heather moorland

This 1 hour podcast is the 2nd part of an interview with farmers John Eardley and Philip Sharply - hear about an accident which left Mr Eardley with one arm longer than another.

(Part 2 of a 1 hour 40 minute interview)


2nd Rangers' workshop - mountain rescues

Ranger with vehicleIn this 1 ½ hour podcast, former Peak District National Park Rangers talk about notable mountain rescues - including a stretchering a dog with a heart attack down from Kinder, how Shep the Blue Peter dog went missing on Bleaklow and the greening of Black Hill.


Rangers' workshop - life as a ranger from the 1960s onwards

Gordon Miller - former rangerIn this 1 ½ hour podcast Peak District National Park rangers get together to give you the lowdown on life as a ranger and being married to the job, firefighting on the moors, foot and mouth disease and the infamous Edale ski run.


Interview with Geoff Kaye on forestry and the coming of the reservoirs

Langsett reservoir near Upper Midhope, Peak District National Park

In this one hour interview Geoff Kaye talks about growing up as the only child in the village of Upper Midhope, shooting, changes in land use due to forestry and the coming of the reservoirs.


Interview with Linda Cawley on the Woodcraft Folk, rambling and singing

Kinder Scout

In this 30 minute podcast Linda Cawley talks about her introduction to the moors as a member of the Woodcraft Folk, how she got lost on Kinder as a child and sings rambling songs including "The Manchester Hiker" and "This Land is is Your Land".


Interview with Brenda Smith, former landlady of the Ramber Inn

Edale church in snow

In this 30 minute podcast you'll hear a conversation with Brenda Smith former landlady of the Church Hotel at Edale, now known as the Ramber Inn. Brenda talks about village life in Edale and running a country pub.


Interview with John Bunting - campaigner for the Ramblers' Association

Heather moorland

In this one hour podcast you'll hear an interview with John Bunting who started campaigning with the Ramblers' Association in 1934 for the creation of National Parks and rights of access to the moors.

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