Monitoring and Research

Monitoring and Research

Manchester University Upland Environments Research Unit (UpERU) are carrying out research on an area of Kinder Scout (The Edge) to establish the run-off characteristics of restored and unrestored locations. UpERU will test the hypotheses that:
       1.    storm-flow runoff ratios are lower in restored areas than in un-restored areas
       2.    runoff peaks are delayed and/or reduced in restored areas compared to unrestored areas
 There are three work packages:

  a) Intensive sites

 Detailed investigation of the link between runoff production and timing / quantity of runoff delivery
5 sites instrumented to measure the water balance to investigate the timing of runoff production from restored and un-restored sites.
These 5 sites have all been set up, equipment deployed and data are currently being download. Data will be collected on a fortnightly for the duration of the MS4W project.

Monitoring site and weather station

 b) Extensive sites

Investigation of the link between the water table and surface runoff production at a larger number of sites

12 sites that represent different restoration conditions; instrumented with basic equipment to allow characterisation of runoff production (overland flow). The sampling campaign will set up and run between September and December for the two years of the project. Data will be collected weekly for 16 weeks in 2010 and 2011.

c) Water tables at gully blocked and restored sites

Water tables at gully blocked and restored sites will

• validate preliminary findings that restoration by re-vegetation leads to rises in water table

• test hypothesis that gully blocking raises water tables away from the gully edge.  These sites will be set up in September and measurements taken on a monthly basis for the duration of the project.

            'V' Notch Weir with stilling pool                    

 Expected Outputs

Main benefit:

Practical work could provide peak flood buffering reducing flood-risk to communities downstream which could also prepare against climate change extremes.


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