Making Space for Water 2

Making Space for Water 2

Providing evidence of the success of blanket bog restoration (gully blocking and re-vegetation) in reducing flood risk. 

Location:  North edge of Kinder Scout 

Time scale: Originally a 2 year project (2009 - 2011); blanket bog land management with a two year monitoring programme. In 2012 this was extended to March 2015 providing an excellent opportunity to continue the post-restoration monitoring.

Monitoring activities:

  1. Monitoring weather variables including: rainfall wind speed; wind direction and humidity
  2. Hydrological monitoring of water table depth (dipwells), water flow along gullies (v-notch weirs) and surface run-off (run-off plots).  
  3. Creating a computer model to scale up the impacts of land management activities on flood risk from mini-catchment to whole catchment scale 

In collaboration with Professor Martin Evans, Dr Timothy Allott  (University of Manchester) and Dr David Milledge (University of Durham).

Funding: Defra / Environment Agency

Making space for Water 2 Monitoring Officer:


Making Space for Water 2 - Final Report

Annex 1. Introduction and the Restoration Process
Annex 2. Diversity
Annex 3. Particulate Organic Carbon
Annex 4. Dissolved Organic Carbon
Annex 5. Flood Risk
Annex 6. Modelling Flood Risk
Annex 7. Ecosystem Services Assessment
Annex 8. Payments for Ecosystem Services


Defra Making Space for Water (2005) Report:

Natural Flood Management: An appraisal of current evidence from the Defra-funded multi-objective demonstration projects










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