The Kinder Plateau is an emotive place, not least because of the mass trespass in 1932.  It is however, one of the most degraded areas of the Peak District. The Making Space for Water project will be restoring The Edge which is the northern side of the plateau in the Ashop Catchment of the Upper Derwent, shown on the map below.

The Ashop Catchment and the Edge Project Area

Aerial erosion gullies and bare peat on the Edge

  •  Altitude - 625m (2050 feet)
  • Climate - above average rain fall, below average winter and summer temperatures (summer average of 11-12°C) with pronounced winter diurnal fluctuations leading to freeze thaw cycles causing frost heave in the ground surface
  • Site size - 89 hectares (220 acres)
  • Treatments - lime, seed and fertiliser applications; Heather brash spreading; aerial application of seed, plug planting, gully blocks


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