Laying Flagstones


It seems fitting that the stone slabs used to form the floors of the large mills in the surrounding cities are returned to their original environment. These stone flags are airlifted onto site and literally ‘float’ over peaty or boggy ground.

This is probably the best technique for putting a path across deep peat, although it is quite expensive.  This technique costs in the region of £50-80/m per linear metre (approx 700mm wide), mainly depending on the cost of getting materials to site.

 Drawing - Laying a flagstone path  How to lay a stone-flagged path

 Drawing - a flagstone and pitched path

Case Study – Cartledge Stones Ridge

 Before works on Cartkedge Stones Ridge

Before work on Cartledge Stones Ridge

Cartledge Stones Ridge when work finished

Cartledge Stones Ridge when work finished

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