Heather Brash


Heather is cut and harvested (as you would wheat) from local moors in winter and is spread over the worst eroding areas of blanket bog. The brash has four purposes:


acting as a skin, thus reducing the effects of erosion
• providing a microclimate for seeds to grow in as they are protected from the harsh weather
• providing seeds – heather is cut in winter when the seeds are ripe and thus they are transported onto the moors
• providing a fungi that helps moorland plants to thrive

Heather brash comes in two forms, either baled (like straw) or chopped twice (to make it smaller) and placed in large dumpy bags (the kind you get sand in from a builders merchant).

It is transported by helicopter and spread by hand by contractors and volunteers using hand tools, which is a very time consuming process.

We have airlifted 2000 tonnes of heather brash (cut heather) onto the moors to help stabilise the peat and provide a seed source.

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