Cut Gate bridleway

The Cut Gate bridleway route has been used for centuries to link the Derwent and Little Don valleys, allowing visitors to access dramatic landscapes, protected habitats and wildlife and the cultural heritage of the moors.

The works

We carried out renovations were carried in 2007 - 2008 to ensure the surface of the path is able to cope with increasing visitor pressure.

Some sections of the path were eroding and spreading out into the surrounding moorland, damaging the habitat and makinge the route difficult to negotiate.

Cute Gate Bridleway in 2013

The majority of the work took place south of Mickledon Edge to where the bridleway leaves the stream bed, with some smaller-scale works to create a stone-pitched ramp at the junction with the North America bridleway and near Haslinglshaw Ford.

Where aggregate was needed it was sourced from a local quarry ensuring the stone was geologically similar. Drainage works were carried out to prevent the pathway from becoming waterlogged and once the works were finished heather brash and seed was spread along the length of the path.

The work prevented further erosion and repaired existing damage, making the path more accessible for walkers and riders alike, together with protecting this important nature conservation area.

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Cut gate bridleway before works started  Cut Gate bridleway after works completed Cut Gate bridleway in 2013 Cut Gate bridleway in 2013

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