Cultural heritage and recreation

Moorlands, like many natural spaces, play an important role in maintaining human health and well-being. Not only do the moorlands of the Peak District provide us with fresh drinking water (along with other provisioning services) and improve the quality of the air that we breath (along with other environmental regulating services), they also provide us with somewhere to relax, explore and enjoy.

Images of a view from Win Hill, across Hope Valley and Bamford gritstone.

Cultural services of the Moorland include:
  • Recreational provision (& economic opportunities) including:
    • tourism (the Peak District National Park receives an estimated 22 million day visits per year)
    • outdoor / adventure sports
    • field sports (75% of moorland in the Peak District covered by Grouse Estates). 
  • Education: exploring and discovering the moors. See Learning and Discovery and Moorland Indicators of Climate Change Initiative (MICCI).
  • Historic environment—archaeology & palaeoecology
  • Cultural heritage, including physical artefacts (e.g. Sites, monuments, buildings, literature) and social culture (e.g. Knowledge, traditions, folklore, language, music) as well as culturally significant landscapes and biodiversity, inherited from past generations. See Moor Memories.
  • Rural culture
Over the last 80 years (Kinder Scout Trespass, 1932) changes in legislation (Open Access under Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) act, 2000) and infrastructure (including increased footpath, road, car park and public transport density) have increased accessibility of greater areas of moorland to more of the population. Various projects have, and continue to, investigate and monitor moorland recreation, including how and why people visit the moors (right), how cultural services interact with other ecosystem services and how they are influenced by conservation works.    
Research Note   Tourism and Recreation; Opportunities and Threats to the Visitor Economy
Report No   Moors for All
Report No   Conservation Heritage Assessment Edale Valley
Report No   From Cairns to Craters, Conservation Heritage Assessment for Burbage
Report No   Recreation and Visitor Attitudes in the Peak District Moorlands; final report


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