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Water vole in Derbyshire 
Water vole in Derbyshire (c) Barry Soames


People's Trust for Endangered Species - species information pages for Water Vole, Otter, Mink

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust - species information pages for Water Vole, Otter, Mink 

Derbyshire Mammal Group - status of species in county for Water Vole, Otter, Mink 

Sheffield Wildlife Trust - otter citizen science project Otterly Amazing

Mammal Society - species information pages for Water Vole, Otter, Mink 

Christine Gregory - book about The Water Vole

Scottish Natural Heritage - PDF about Monitoring the Otter

Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership - Otter Species Action Plan

Norfolk Mink Project  - detailed information about the impact of American Mink

Gwent Wildlife Trust - Water Vole Project

Cardiff University - Otter Project

Somerset Otter Group - Otters in Somerset a Factual Guide and Otter Signs PDF

IUCN Red List - international status of Otter and Water Vole

Essex Wildlife Trust - Otter information PDF 

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