Bumblebee Survey

We are collecting sightings of three species of bumblebee. They have been chosen because they are relatively easy to identify and can be used as indicators of climate change.

The bilberry bumblebee is of particular interest because it is an upland specialist and is under-recorded in the Peak District and South Pennines area. Information you collect will also be fed to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and included in the data collected for their BeeWalk survey scheme.

To take part in this survey you'll need to walk a fixed route of approximately 1km (known as a transect) and record the bumblebees you see along the way. You then repeat this route once a month throughout the bumblebee season (between March and October).

 Click the images below for more details about bees we have selected for this survey.

Bilberry bumblebee Tree bumblebee Red-tailed bumblebee
Bilberry bumblebee Tree bumblebee Red-tailed bumblebee

 How do I take part?

Bee illustrations (c) Chris Shields. 

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