Bumblebee Identification

Before carrying out a bumblebee survey you should make sure that you are familiar with the 3 species we are interested in. It is also very helpful to be aware of other species that you might see. 

Tree bumblebee

Below are some bumblebee ID resources:

Training Presentation PDF 

Survey Guide

Bumblebee ID Videos - Youtube Playlist

Field Guide to the 8 Most Common Bumblebees PDF

Bilberry Bumblebee - Friends of the Earth guide

Bumblebee collection on Flickr - excellent resource by entomologist Steven Falk

 Links to external sites:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust Bumblebee Conservation Trust: A wealth of information about bumblebees and what you can do to help them.
BeeWatch BeeWatch: Survey includes online tool for identifying your bee photos. An excellent training resource.
BWARS Bee, Wasp and Ant Recording Society: Useful information to help you identify what you have seen.
iSpot iSpot: Community where you can upload your photos for identification and help ID other people's pictures.
Natural History Museum Natural History Museum: Their website has an excellent interactive bumblebee ID guide.


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