Step-By-Step Guide

Step-by-step guide

1. Choose where you will survey.

We've split our project area up into 55 smaller survey areas. For each of these areas we've produced a map with rights of way marked. Visit our where to survey page and choose an area you'd like to survey. Download a print the relevant map. You can check which paths have already been surveyed by logging in to our iRecord page and viewing our map of Sphagnum presence. Please note, you'll need to set up and be logged into an iRecord account to access this page if you don't already have one.

2. Make sure you can tell Sphagnum from other mosses

Make sure you can tell Sphagnum apart from other mosses. Check our Sphagnum ID guidance webpage for identification resources and links.

3. Gather the things you will need to take with you on your survey

Download a survey guide which will tell you how to conduct the survey and the information you need to collect, and a recording form to take out with you on your survey. Download a habitats guide.

If you have one, we recommend you  take a GPS unit or a smartphone with a GPS app to accurately record the location of Sphagnum patches.

You will also need to take a map of the survey area with you to help you find your survey location and to record the locations of any Sphagnum patches you see. This could be a satellite image, for example from Google Maps, or a paper copy of an Ordnance Survey map. Take a camera if you have one for photographing any Sphagnum patches you find.

4. Carry out your survey

Walk along your chosen path and fill in your recording form as you go. These webpages should contain all the information you need to get started, but if you need some extra help please contact us and we can pair you up with an existing volunteer who can provide survey training.

5. Submit your results using our iRecord portal

Please do this whether or not you saw any Sphagnum patches - it is vital to know where Sphagnum isn't found as well as where it is! For full details of how to do this, see our submit results page. If you need help using iRecord you can download our guidance.



Please note: While carrying out this survey you do so entirely at your own risk. Moors for the Future do not accept any liability or responsibility for the well-being of surveyors or damage/loss of their property. Download our Health and Safety Guidelines here.

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