Sphagnum ID

Before taking part in the survey it is important that you know what Sphagnum mosses look like, and that you can tell them apart from other mosses. Knowing how to identify individual species of Sphagnum is not essential to the survey, but there is an option to record your sightings in this detail if you wish.

How to identify Sphagnum

Click on the images below to find out more about different groups of mosses and use some of the downloadable resources and links below to learn about Sphagnum and how to spot it:

Sphagnum mosses Cushion mosses Feather mosses

Downloadable ID resources:

Training Presentation PDF

Survey Guide PDF

Sphagnum Flickr Pool - upload your photos and add them to the pool

MoorMOSS  - free moss identification smartphone/tablet app

The British Bryological society has free to download guides, covering every species of British Sphagnum; taken from the book "Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: A Field Guide" by Atherton, Bosanquet and Llawley.

 Links to external sites:

UKEconet Training Guide for Sphagnum Mosses - for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
FSC logo Field Studies Council: Buy the FSC laminate guide "Sphagnum mosses in bogs" here.
BBS The British Bryological Society has a wealth of information about mosses, liverworts and hornworts, including species guides and details of training.
iSpot iSpot: Community where you can upload your photos for identification and help ID other people's pictures.
JNCC JNCC: A more detailed key to identifying Sphagnum species can be found here.



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