Where to survey

Below is a map showing the locations of our Buds, Berries and Leaves survey transects.


Click on a yellow marker to find out more information about each transect. You can download a transect guide, map, recording form and health and safety guidelines in a zipped 'transect pack' folder, which also includes a GPX file for optional use with a GPS device. The GPX file shows the transect route and the start point of each section within the route.

To view a GPS (GPX) file online, you can upload it to the website GPS Visualizer. You could also load it on to a GPS unit or smartphone navigation app.

Note: Some locations have 2 transects - which are labelled T1 and T2. Some packs also contain instructions for our bumblebee survey where it uses the same route. Please ignore this document if you only intend to carry out the Buds, Berries and Leaves. 

Download the survey guide (which contains the survey method) and any additional recording sheets you want below:

Document File size
Buds, Berries and Leaves Survey Guide 0.8MB
Buds, Berries and Leaves Recording Form 0.5MB


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