Be Fire Aware

The main risk of wildfires on the moorlands comes from people – including cigarettes, matches, barbecues and campfires.

To help combat this risk and educate visitors the UK’s first real-time fire risk map was launched as part of a MoorLIFE campaign to prevent wildfires destroying rare Peak District habitats.

The interactive map created, is updated daily and continues to show the areas of moorland that are most vulnerable at any particular time.

The maps can be viewed at both the Moorland Centre in Edale and the Upper Derwent visitor centre at Fairholmes.

A mathematical formula calculates the risk with information on temperature and rainfall from an on-site weather station used.

The interactive portals include photographs and stories about wildfires and their prevention as well as two moorland-themed games aim to help everyone learn more about wildfires and how to prevent them.

Visitors are able to find out how to Be Fire Aware through Fire on the Moors and two specially developed games: Fire Ranger and Fire Danger.

Our moorlands are at risk of damage from summer wildfires but you can help by taking care not to start a fire on the moors.

Find out how to Be Fire Aware with our interactive map  Fire on the Moors

and our two games: Fire Ranger and Fire Danger.

Fire Danger

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