Moors for the Future - investing in our landscape

The Moors for the Future Partnership is dedicated to preserving 8000 years of our moorland heritage


About Us

If you have visited the moorlands of the Peak District and South Pennines or flown over them recently you may have seen the start of a green revolution.

Since 2003, Moors for the Future have been working to reverse more than 200 years of damage that left large areas of these uplands bare of vegetation.

Individual land owners and managers in the Peak District realised that the problem of moorland erosion could not be tackled by one organisation alone and in February 2003 the Moors for the Future Partnership was formed.

 The Moors for the Future Partnership has three objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of why the moors are valuable and to encourage responsible use and care of the landscape - click here to 'Learn & Discover'
  2. To restore and conserve important recreational and natural moorland resources – click here to find out about moorland 'Restoration'
  3. To develop expertise on how to protect and manage the moors sustainably – click here to find out about 'Science & Research'

 We asked Lord Chris Smith, Chair of the Environment Agency 3 questions about our work - find out his answers in this video

Our Partners

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